2nd Kempshott Guides Help Rejuvenate the Hedgerow

Volunteers from the 2nd Kempshott Guides did a great job in planting the first set of young hedgerow shrubs – part of our plans to renovate the old hedgerow by the tennis courts – on Sunday March the 25th. 32 new hawthorns and blackthorns were planted and carefully watered in, along with several little dog roses.

We do not know what the weather prospects are for the next six months, but in case it is as dry as February and March have been, the Guides and Brownies have kindly volunteered to water the new plants, to ensure that they all survive and thrive.

Photographs posted with the participants’ permission.

Developments in 2011-2013: Holy Ghost Field & Dellwood Walk

We’ve produced a visual guide to future developments in the southern reaches of Stratton Park, which is available to view here.


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