Update on The Hedgerow by the Tennis Courts

We explained the scheme we are working to at the top of the Holy Ghost Field where we cut back the old and decayed  trees  to rejuvenate the hedgerow.

In February and April  we planted  new trees and shrubs helped by  the Kempshott Scouts planting a row of new hazels and hawthorns on both sides of the old hedgerow, and  adding some new young trees to the  area ajoning the hedgerow.

You  can’t keep a good scrambler down!  On the old hedge line the bramble, briar and ivy roots are pushing up new growth with enthusiasm.The new  young hazels and hawthorns have all taken root and are doing well. In the corner of the field.  We  have some daffodils from previous years  which are thriving and  we have added a few  wild flower plugs (mainly  lesser knapweed) which  we had in stock.

We  added  some young hawthorns and birch to the two  big trees  donated by the Council but sadly someone decided to  steal them  a  few weeks later. We will be replacing them this autumn when we will be seeding this triangle of  ground with wildflower seed.



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