Spring Bulbs 2014

We had high hopes for a good display of spring flowers this Spring after all the planting  in Autumn last year.

The bulbs did  make a show, each in turn, but despite a mild winter, none of the  blossoms lasted very long – so the impact was muted.

The  Snowdrops  had a good year – particularly  by the dead hedging  on the end of the  hedgerow by the car park. The effect of more light and less competition was magical.

The crocuses appeared but were soon gone –  so we did not event get a good picture this year. The  Winter Aconites  under the limes showed up  over a number of weeks – we counted 50 +  sets of flower –  but  next year they should all come out together  and be  more impressive.

We added  more squills under the trees beside the main car  park but their display was very muted –  they were there – we counted  over 50 sets of flowers but  again we hope that the second year display will be better.

The  good news is the display of daffodils which were in flower from March to the end of April –  a good show.

Daffodils in Stratton Park 2014

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