Stratton Park Upgrade 2019-20 – Friends consultation

There will, in the next year or so , be a long awaited upgrade to Stratton Park. It has not had a major refurbishment for a long time  and there is now a small amount of funding to do just that.

The dialog has already started – but do add your voice to the conversation – on our  facebook page preferably. Details are also on the noticeboard in the park. See below:

Park facilities – the Council has already agree that:

-          The children’s play  area needs refurbishing, possibly enlarged,  with  additional play equipment, possibly  more seating within the compound – what is your opinion?

-          The park in general needs some  seating refurbished, and more seating around the park in general – where would you like to see new benches (existing benches marked B on map) ?

                                                               What is your opinion?

As a green space, at the moment all you see is grass and tall trees.

What do you think would improve the quality of  green spaces and benefit  nature?

   – Reduce the number of mature trees and plant different  replacement varieties?

   – Plant more flowering bushes and shrubs round the edges of the park?

Are all age groups catered for? Young children? Older children and teens?  Families?  Older people?

                                                                What is your opinion?

We have already received suggestions regarding:

-          Uneven and decaying pathways ( east of tennis courts and  the pathway to Pack Lane – A and B on the map,

-          The steps at the north corner C on the map, making this area unfriendly for buggies and  personal electric chairs.

-          How do you feel about outdoor gym kit at various points in the park?

-          How do you feel about some older children’s  equipment   (balancing poles, zip wire etc. as in Beggarwood Park)?

-          How do you feel about  new benches at  X, Y and Z ?

Let us know what you think by posting a comment on

our facebook page  Friends-of-Stratton-Park

3 thoughts on “Stratton Park Upgrade 2019-20 – Friends consultation

  1. I and the regular users of Stratton Park (including all the residents who live on the park) would like to know who “friends of statton park” are and ask them to leave the park alone. We are all happy with how it is thank you, just keep it clean and tidy, stop the cars spinning on the gravel carpark at night and the new motorbikes and quad bikes on the field in the early hours ! Please no more wasting money on more trees, seats in inappropriate places that residents remove and gum equipment that teenagers will vandalize. Thank you from the users and residents who keep the park clean and tidy today and chase the council to cut the grass and trees trimmed…

    • Dear Charlotte,
      Not all residents who live round the park agree with you. There are several residents who wish to see a more biodiverse green environment- without putting you and other dog walkers to any inconvenience.
      Friends of Stratton Park provides all residents with an opportunity to express their opinions about what should or should not be in the park and relays these to the Council.
      The periodic anti-social behaviour is well known to the Council and the borough patrolling staff – however currently little effective action by the police is likely.
      Several residents have asked for benches in more usefull (and well lit) places around the park and tree planting is part of the Council’s legal obligation to replace trees when they are felled – hopefully in more appropriate places and with appropriate species – although they don’t always get this right.

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