Last Working Sessions of 2012 – Nov 24th & 25th

This weekend was our last working session of 2012.

We kept our fingers crossed for dry weather last weekend but Saturday  24th was wet and miserable. The  Community Payback team were due to extend the dead hedging by the tennis courts and refurbish the existing stretch. They  managed an hour’s work but then called it a day – without  much impact on  the dead hedging. This will now have to wait for the New Year.

On the Sunday it was drier. We still had 1250 crocus and 250 daffodils to plant –  mainly round Cleveland Walk. Its a good job the Kempshott Scouts volunteered to give a helping hand – an enthusiastic team of 8 scouts and their leader set too at 10.15am and by 12.00 noon it was Job Done! 

If you want a job done properly – ask the Scouts. We were hugely  impressed by their team work. Thanks a lot, guys!

As we reach  the end of the  year we still have work to do on Dellwood Hedgerow –  clearing up after the strimming, planting  some  plug plants and inserting some spring bulbs which have been waiting patiently in troughs to reach their final destination. The wet weather was against us here and the work is still pending –  awaiting a significant dry spell in December or January.



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