2013 Working Sessions – March & April

Having planted all our Spring Bulbs in 2012 we decided to take some time out  and wait for Spring before  working on our hedgerows again.

Well here we are  in mid-March and we are still waiting for Spring…  (a bit of a contrast with last year when March was warm and welcoming). We have had one session on the Dellwood hedgerow in early March clearing, trimming and planting –  but there is still work to be done in out last work session  which will be  on Wednesday 10th April 10.00 am  - 1.00pm when we hope to be planting some more in-fill whips to  complete the hedge.

Meanwhile we have renovated the  dead hedging on the Holy Ghost Hedgerow and  completed the section nearest to the Information Board.

I hope you agree that the 2 guys who did much of the work did a really good job on Saturday 16th March. We had a working session scheduled for Sunday 17th  but the weather was  very wet that morning and we had made such progress on the Saturday that we  cancelled the session.



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