Why is it called Stratton Park?

When it was newly created the park was named in honour of Sydenham  Sidney Stratton 1898 – 1966.

Mr Stratton was born on 25th January1898 in Basingstoke. We know that his mother was widowed soon after Sydenham was born but he grew up with his mother and sister in Hackwood Road, Basingstoke. Sydenham was briefly involved in the First World War as a very young man, but we have no details of this experience.

Mr Stratton was a leading light of the  amateur football community in Basingstoke, promoting sporting opportunities for young people – and football in particular.  The Hampshire DFA Football League  has to this day  a Sydenham Stratton Memorial Challenge Cup in his honour.


The impact of human history in this area may not be spectacular but it goes back a long way –  from  Bronze Age man ( 2000 BC) to today the signs of human history can still be traced in the landscape. A brief note on the effects follows.

  • Before 1788: Bronze Age burials, Iron Age homesteads, what the Romans did for us, the mediaeval common grazing land of Basingstoke Down and the open field system.
  • After 1788: the enclosure of farm land in Basingstoke and the creation of Buckskin Farm.
  • End of 19th Century: the beginnings of Kempshott village
  • 1970s: The westwards expansion of Basingstoke.

If you are interested in the local history of the Kempshott area you will find  lots of information on the website of the Kempshott History Grouphere

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