Current Projects

Our first 2 projects were:

Rejuvenation of the Dellwood Hedgerow

This old boundary (well over 150 years in existence) ┬áhas not been maintained as a natural feature for many years. Some of the residents in Pitman Close have nurtured hedgerows on their sections, and are demonstrating just what a great refuge these hedges can be for birds. They provide roosting and nesting space, and are a good source of insects and seeds, but the effect is patchy – we would like to promote a hedgerow all along this boundary and are working with neighbours to achieve this.

Our aim is to fill in the gaps with traditional hedgerow shrubs, ensuring that all elements of the hedge are well maintained while adding some insect habitat, in the form of perennial flowering plants at the base of the hedge.


Thus far our wildflower project has introduced many new species to the hedgerows, including snowdrops, celandines, croci, cowslips, bluebells, cuckoo pint, dog violet, white campion and field poppies.

For a full list of the wildflowers you’ll be able to spot around the park, see our wildflower inventory!

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