Green Space

The park – which was created in the 1970s as Basingstoke expanded westwards – was previously farmland. Most of it was once part of Buckskin Farm.

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Within the park are two old boundary hedgerows: one running parallel to the Dellwood pathway which runs east-west from Pack Lane; and one which runs south-west to north-east beside the tennis courts. This latter hedge row retains the magnificent beech, oak and ash trees which were planted in the 19th century, at intervals along the hawthorn hedgerow.

Current Features

2012 was the year in which Stratton Park started its regeneration. For more information, see our ‘current projects’ page.

Future Developments

Our plans are constantly evolving as members suggest new and better ways to enrich the park, and as we experiment to see what works and what does not. For more information, see our ‘future projects’ page.