Autumn News Update

We have completed our 2013 bulb planting programme, thanks again to the Scouts and Guides for their help ( many hands DO make light work).

Regarding our rolling  3 year Plan for improvements to the park, there are more details of how we have looked at the park in  planning terms and what we are proposing   for 2013-16 at  FSP Management Plans 2013-16

Details of the 27th October AGM, the Chairman’s report and the  financial statement for the year  can be found here.

Third Annual General Meeting Minutes

Chairman’s Annual Report 2013

Accounts 2013

Bulb Planting and Hedgerow Maintenance days

The scouts and guides will be helping us plant bulbs again in November, in December we will start hedgerow maintenance  on the Dellwood Hedgerow and the Holy Ghost Field Hedgerow.

Dates for your diary:

Date & Time
Sun  24th November
         10.30 – 12.30
Spring Bulb Planting
Various locations in park
Sun  8th December 
         10.30  – 12.30
Spring Bulb Planting
Various locations in park
Sun 12th January     
         10.30 -  12.30
Hedgerow Maintenance
Dellwood Hedgerow
Sun  9th February   
         10.30 – 12.30
Hedgerow Maintenance
Holy Ghost Hedgerow
Sun 16th March      
          10.30 – 12.30
Seeding & plug planting
Hedgerows & Dellwood
Sun  6th April          
          10.30 – 12.30
Plug planting & general maintenance
Hedgerows & Dellwood

At Last – the Spring Bulbs in Stratton make a show!

The snowdrops have put on a good show again – but mainly  at the  car park end of the walk by the tennis courts.

We began to think that the Spring bulbs we planted were not going to put in an appearance this year – being put-off by the February snow and the cold March winds. But they have begun to reward our efforts.


First the crocuses stood up to be counted – we snapped these on the two fine days at the beginning of March before  it went cold and then wet again.


They have really had a hard time of it in their first year – especially when the grey squirrels came hunting in the snow and pulled up  more than we had hoped to loose in this way.



The daffodils planted last year are nearly in bloom
, but the newly planted daf. bulbs are a lot more cautious and are some weeks behind them in pushing up flower heads.

Finally the Winter Aconites which were planted under the limes on the walk from the Sports Pavilion bast the tennis courts have started to show themselves –  on 18th March we counted 13  flowers – lets hope the rest  of the two hundred we planted join them soon.

Very soggy winter aconites under the lime trees.

2013 Working Sessions – March & April

Having planted all our Spring Bulbs in 2012 we decided to take some time out  and wait for Spring before  working on our hedgerows again.

Well here we are  in mid-March and we are still waiting for Spring…  (a bit of a contrast with last year when March was warm and welcoming). We have had one session on the Dellwood hedgerow in early March clearing, trimming and planting –  but there is still work to be done in out last work session  which will be  on Wednesday 10th April 10.00 am  - 1.00pm when we hope to be planting some more in-fill whips to  complete the hedge.

Meanwhile we have renovated the  dead hedging on the Holy Ghost Hedgerow and  completed the section nearest to the Information Board.

I hope you agree that the 2 guys who did much of the work did a really good job on Saturday 16th March. We had a working session scheduled for Sunday 17th  but the weather was  very wet that morning and we had made such progress on the Saturday that we  cancelled the session.



Last Working Sessions of 2012 – Nov 24th & 25th

This weekend was our last working session of 2012.

We kept our fingers crossed for dry weather last weekend but Saturday  24th was wet and miserable. The  Community Payback team were due to extend the dead hedging by the tennis courts and refurbish the existing stretch. They  managed an hour’s work but then called it a day – without  much impact on  the dead hedging. This will now have to wait for the New Year.

On the Sunday it was drier. We still had 1250 crocus and 250 daffodils to plant –  mainly round Cleveland Walk. Its a good job the Kempshott Scouts volunteered to give a helping hand – an enthusiastic team of 8 scouts and their leader set too at 10.15am and by 12.00 noon it was Job Done! 

If you want a job done properly – ask the Scouts. We were hugely  impressed by their team work. Thanks a lot, guys!

As we reach  the end of the  year we still have work to do on Dellwood Hedgerow –  clearing up after the strimming, planting  some  plug plants and inserting some spring bulbs which have been waiting patiently in troughs to reach their final destination. The wet weather was against us here and the work is still pending –  awaiting a significant dry spell in December or January.



Bulb Planting in the Park in November

With the funds from the sale of garden plants in the summer, we have bought lots of Spring  bulbs to brighten up the park in March April next year.

Now we need your help to get them planted!

We are meeting up on the following dates to do just that, and the Scouts and Guides have promised to help as well.

Do please come along – even if only for half an hour. We have over 2000 bulbs to get into the ground.

Sunday  4th November  10.00am  – 1.00pm  – By Cleveland Cl.

Sunday 11th November  2.00 – 4.00pm – By Main Car Park

Wednesday 14th November – 1.00pm -  By the Sports Pavilion

Sunday 25th November  10.00 am – 1.00pm -  Below the tennis courts

We provide the equipment – we just need the muscle …

Annual Meeting 2012 – Report & Accounts

On 14th October 2012 we held our second annual meeting of members ( as we are obliged to do each year).

The Chairman’s report on the  progress during 2012

Treasurer’s report on the financial  position of the Group

Second Annual General Meeting Minutes

We were originally planning to hold a  plant sale as well, but sadly this was  not really possible due to the  death earlier in October of  one of our leading members -  Mr David Foulger who  had been a  key member of the committee and  the prime inspiration behind the very successful plant sales we  held during the summer. David will be  sadly missed.

Fantastic Day at Kempshott Jubilee Festival, 2nd June

We hope you all came to  the Village Hall  on Saturday for the first (but hopefully not the last!)  Kempshott Festival Day.

Weather was great, lots of things to do and see and spend just a little bit of money on…

FSP had a stall selling garden plants -  and we made £160 !

All that money can be put towards buying  bulbs for planting  in the Autumn.



Developments in 2011-2013: Holy Ghost Field & Dellwood Walk

We’ve produced a visual guide to future developments in the southern reaches of Stratton Park, which is available to view here.


You can find out more about these developments in our regular newsletter, or by clicking the ‘Green Spaces‘ link in the website menu above.