Stratton Park Upgrade 2019-20 – Friends consultation

There will, in the next year or so , be a long awaited upgrade to Stratton Park. It has not had a major refurbishment for a long time  and there is now a small amount of funding to do just that.

The dialog has already started – but do add your voice to the conversation – on our  facebook page preferably. Details are also on the noticeboard in the park. See below:

Park facilities – the Council has already agree that:

-          The children’s play  area needs refurbishing, possibly enlarged,  with  additional play equipment, possibly  more seating within the compound – what is your opinion?

-          The park in general needs some  seating refurbished, and more seating around the park in general – where would you like to see new benches (existing benches marked B on map) ?

                                                               What is your opinion?

As a green space, at the moment all you see is grass and tall trees.

What do you think would improve the quality of  green spaces and benefit  nature?

   – Reduce the number of mature trees and plant different  replacement varieties?

   – Plant more flowering bushes and shrubs round the edges of the park?

Are all age groups catered for? Young children? Older children and teens?  Families?  Older people?

                                                                What is your opinion?

We have already received suggestions regarding:

-          Uneven and decaying pathways ( east of tennis courts and  the pathway to Pack Lane – A and B on the map,

-          The steps at the north corner C on the map, making this area unfriendly for buggies and  personal electric chairs.

-          How do you feel about outdoor gym kit at various points in the park?

-          How do you feel about some older children’s  equipment   (balancing poles, zip wire etc. as in Beggarwood Park)?

-          How do you feel about  new benches at  X, Y and Z ?

Let us know what you think by posting a comment on

our facebook page  Friends-of-Stratton-Park

Park Improvements Summer 2016 – 2017

Wecontinue to add interest to the park – both for people and for wildlife ..

This Summer we have added a Bug Hotel to the facilities for wildlife.

and we are already planning the  new plantings for this Autumn – one or two more  flowering and berry bearing trees in the Park and  some more Spring bulbs. This will be our 5th Winter of adding spring bulbs.

Do you remember  a couple of years back when two  new benches were added to  Holy Ghost Field – unfortunately  installed in the wrong place and subsequently vandalised?

We got the Council to take the remains away but the promise to replace them never materialized ……we have generated enough money  ourselves now to pay for at least one replacement by the Dellwood Path …it  should be in position by the Spring.



Kempshott Village Hall

Kempshott’s finest village hall lies  behind the shops on Pack Lane – accessed by footpath from the shops or by road  from the main entrance to Stratton Park.

The Village Hall is separate from Stratton Park and is much older, being  established  immediately after WWll when Kempshott was still an outlying village of Basingstoke.

It has its own  playing field as well as many facilities and is the location of the  Noah’s Ark  pre-school nursery.

For  more information and to contact them please see

and email:

Cricket Facilities

Stratton Park has one of only 2 public cricket pitches in the whole of Basingstoke, right on our door step – but we do not have our own cricket team! We are the home ground for  Hook & Newnham Basics Cricket Club.

Hook have 5 senior teams as well as a  wide range of Juniors cricket opportunities. Hook IV and V  teams  regard  Stratton Park as their home ground – playing on Saturdays. The 2016  programme of matches is shown below.

Full details of the Club can be found at

2016 home games in Stratton Park on Saturdays all start at 14.00

Date Team Opposition
7/5/16 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East Liphook & Rips III
14/5/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North Odiham & Greywell II
21/5/16 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East Ashford Hill II
28/5/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North OT & Romsey V
4/6//16 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East Liss II
11/6/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North St Mary’s
18/6/16 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East  - no fixture -
25/6/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North - no fixture -
25/6/16 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East Odiham & Greywell III
2/7/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North Oakley II
9/7/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North Compton & C III
16/7/17 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East Easeborne
23/7/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North East WoodhayII
30/7/16 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East Whitchurch II
6/8/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North Upper Clatford
13/8/16 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East Froxfield II
20/8/16 5th X1 – HCL Regional Div 4 North East AldershotV
27/8/16 4th XI – HCL Regional Div 2 North Langley Manor III

During the summer other  matches may be played on our pitch – members of the Wednesday evening  league, for example – no details available at time of going to press.




Park Improvements Winter 2015-16

We had  2  projects for  this  Winter season – planting  yet more bulbs and this time a few wild flower plug plants, and  tackling once and for all the  hedgerow at the northern end of the Dellwood hedgerow.

Working through November and December  ( fortunately the weather was very mild) we have planted a host of daffodils and narcissus in various locations and  more crocuses along with some more snowdrops  to  compensate for the loss of the original snowdrop stock which has been declining in recent years.

This year we also had the opportunity to plant  some genuine wild  seed primroses in a shady part of the park. This  mini-project was generously sponsored by  two local residents –  for which  our thanks!

We have  made several attempts over the years to improve the hedgerow by the Dellwood path. Historically some residents in Pitman Close planted and have nurtured  what is now a mature hedgerow –  full of bird nesting and roosting facilities. But the hedgerow is not continuous, and at various places there are gaps which we hope to fill in  with additional high quality  shrub species. At the northern end, the hedge was completely absent , replaced by a series of ash saplings which over the years had grown into a line of ugly and vigorous  trees which were cut back  and regrew each year. Ash cannot be  made into a hedge in any form. With the agreement of the local residents we finally negotiated with the borough grounds maintenance staff for the ask to be removed  or killed off, the  land to be cleared of a lot of accumulated rubbish and for a new hedgerow to be established.

The replanting of the hedge shrubs has started –  more will follow in  the coming months until the planting task is completed. We also hope to add hedgerow wild flowers at the base of the hedgerow – again a bit later  in Spring. At that point  we have to sit back and wait – for Nature to play its part. A wildlife friendly hedge is not something that can be  created over night – it will be 3 -4 years before it is recognisable as a hedge and 10 years before it is a respectable size.




What’s happening in 2014-15 in the Park?

The good news is that  we received an unexpected  donation in October which allowed us to buy more bulbs.These have now been planted at various spots in the park:

-  we have added a new species Anemone Nemorosa – kissing cousin to the aconites – which  hopefully will show  us pale blue flowers by the Pitman Close entrance to the park in the Spring,

-  we have also added  masses of mixed narcissus and daffodils under the trees around the perimeter of the  Main Car Park

We are planning to  hold Picnic in the Park again in June 2015 –  for which planning starts  in earnest in January.

Update on The Hedgerow by the Tennis Courts

We explained the scheme we are working to at the top of the Holy Ghost Field where we cut back the old and decayed  trees  to rejuvenate the hedgerow.

In February and April  we planted  new trees and shrubs helped by  the Kempshott Scouts planting a row of new hazels and hawthorns on both sides of the old hedgerow, and  adding some new young trees to the  area ajoning the hedgerow.

You  can’t keep a good scrambler down!  On the old hedge line the bramble, briar and ivy roots are pushing up new growth with enthusiasm.The new  young hazels and hawthorns have all taken root and are doing well. In the corner of the field.  We  have some daffodils from previous years  which are thriving and  we have added a few  wild flower plugs (mainly  lesser knapweed) which  we had in stock.

We  added  some young hawthorns and birch to the two  big trees  donated by the Council but sadly someone decided to  steal them  a  few weeks later. We will be replacing them this autumn when we will be seeding this triangle of  ground with wildflower seed.