Stratton Park lies at the junction of  3 wards in west Basingstoke – South Ham, Buckskin and Kempshott and is a  local park shared by  all three communities. While it is an immensely popular park used by all , it also means it is at the centre of none.                    

The Kempshott and  Buckskin & Worting  Communities have completed and published their Community Plans. Both plans   include a number of suggestions for enhancing and improving  Stratton Park and its facilities.

If you are interested in their Community Plans and what they are hoping to achieve  you can see the Buckskin report here and the Kempshott Plan  here – at kempshottcommunityplan.org.uk.

However, there is good news for the future! Representatives of all 3 communities and BDBC have met to  see how they can combine their resources to  achieve a significant refurbishment of the park and its facilities.  It’s looking very 1970s … and we want it to look 2020s! Now is the time for everyone interested in the park and its future to get involved.

If you want to influence  what happens in the park, drop us a line at friendsofstrattonpark@sky.com so we can add you to the mailing list for consultations about the future.


Green Scene

We have continued to carry out some of the routine maintenance of hedgerows in the park and have had  most of our  next 3 year programme of activities approved. See our latest Newsletter  HERE.

Sports Scene

Junior Parkrun is very popular  here in Stratton Park every Sunday morning  sharp at 9.00am – for more details see their website : http://www.parkrun.org.uk/events/juniorevents/ 

and for Basingstoke’s own junior run, performance statistics and pictures of the event


It has proved immensely popular and  numbers of  junior participants  has passed the  150 mark,  without counting the mums and dads…and its fun!


 Tree Nuisance : There is a well worn procedure for notifying the Council and it does work All the details can be  found here or on the Council’s own website.To apply for remedy to a tree problem you must fill in an application form which can be found on the Council’s website.


The Friends of Stratton Park Group

For the latest news on what is happening  go to the tag above – News & Events – The Park .

About the Park

Stratton Park was created in the early 1970s as Basingstoke expanded westwards. The park is named in honour of Sydenham S Stratton, a Basingstoke man born and bred, who worked tirelessly  to give young people  opportunities for sport – especially football. There is a plaque in his honour in the sports pavilion. The park is hugely popular with local residents, sports enthusiasts, dog walkers, and all those looking for green space and fresh air. All the facilities within the park are well-used. The renovated toddlers play area is very popular, the tennis courts are always in use and the football pitches and cricket ground are used every weekend.

The park surrounds a very old hedgerow with magnificent beech, oak and ash trees and a lime walk.

Sports Facilities

With ample parking space and sports pavilion facilities, the park has 3 football pitches and a cricket pitch. Use of these facilities is booked by phone on (01256) 844844. For details of facilities and rates, visit the Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council website.

There are also 6 hard tennis courts available for use free of charge. Totally Tennis are keen to promote  tennis activities in Basingstoke and provide coaching in the summer.  For more details of tennis facilities and the Totally Tennis organisation, visit their website here.

As well as the notices we put in our newsletters, you can find up-to-date information about local sporting events in the following places:

  • Cricket: we have no resident cricket  club but  the pitch is used by some local clubs/leagues. We are not sure who will be using it and when in 2018.
  • Tennis: see  Totally Tennis‘ own website.


Within the area of the park or immediately adjacent to it are also: